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Home News Science project of the month October 2008: Yoyo@home

Science project of the month October 2008: Yoyo@home

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Yoyo@home is a project bringing existing projects to the world of BOINC using the wrapper technology. The project is currently running 3 different projects and they're always looking for new projects to integrate intoYoyo@home. The project is run by the German BOINC team

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About Yoyo@home

Currently the Yoyo@home project is running 3 different projects:

OGR-25An optimal Golomb Ruler of length 6

OGR-25 is an effort to find the Optimal Golomb Ruler with 25 marks. A Golomb Ruler is a set of numbers, where every distance between two numbers is unique for that set. For example, the set 0,1,4,6 is a Golomb Ruler, as the differences are 1-0=1, 4-0=4, 6-0=6, 4-1=3, 6-1=5, and 6-4=2. Notice that a Golomb ruler does not have to contain all distances up to its length. An Optimal Golomb Ruler of length n is the shortest Goulomb Ruler with n marks. The 0,1,4,6-ruler is clearly optimal. All rulers of length 5 cannot have 4 marks, as you cannot get 5 by adding 3 different numbers, so 2 numbers have to be the same. OGR's have been found for all n < 25, and with this project they hope to find the OGR of length 25. More info on OGR's can be found on Wikipedia. The original project can be found here.


The Muon Project simulates part of a particle accelerator.You are simulating the part of the process where the proton beam hits the target rod and causes pions to be emitted, which decay into muons. There's more info about particle accelerators on Wikipedia. Here you can find the original Muon project.

This is the first video in a series about the ATLAS experiment at CERN. (Note; the Muon project is NOT part of the atlas experiment at CERN)


evolution@home is a distributed computing project addressing evolutionary research. It simulates different types of populations and focuses on the analysis of human mitochondrial DNA. Here is the original project of Evolution@Home.

This is a video about mitochondrical DNA



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