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Getting started running BOINC projects!

Latest News from a few BOINC powered science projectsUse the idle time on your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research. It's safe, secure, and easy. Here are some buttons to help you find out more about volunteer computing and the BOINC software. BOINC is short for "Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing".

Click here if you just want to learn about BOINC Find out how BOINC works!




Step 1: Choose projects

Below is a list of the most popular recommended projects. Click on the project button to read more about each project. This will help you decide which science projects you are interested in. Or go to the BOINC Projects menu to view a short description of each project.

SETI@home Rosetta@Home Einstein@Home World Community Grid Predictor@Home
LHC@Home Spinhenge@home QMC@Home
SZTAKI Desktop Grid µFluids PrimeGrid
Proteins@home ABC@home Rectilinear Crossing Numbers
POEM@home Leiden Classical SHA 1 Collision Search Graz
Reisel Sieve Chess960@home Cosmology@home
MilkyWay@home The Lattice Project SuperLink@Technion
NanoHive@home yoyo@home PS3GRID

Step 2: Download and run the BOINC software

Download BOINC

Step 3: Enter your email address and password

When prompted, enter your email address and password. That's it, your done!

Step 4: Join team Ireland on the projects you are running!

Click this next button for a LIST of all the BOINC projects, the URL to attach to them and links to join team Ireland on EACH project.

Click here for the list of projects and links to join team Ireland
All BOINC projects are independent from each other. You must join team Ireland on EACH PROJECT SEPERATLY!. Joining team Ireland on 1 project does not mean you have joined the team on all BOINC projects!

Need some help?. Just register for the forum and post a message!

Watch this short video that was made by a volunteer. It explains a little bit about BOINC and some of the projects.


Team Ireland project statistics

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Team Ireland, BOINC combined projects total credit (Refreshes every 24hrs)

Team Ireland Credit Statistics for all BOINC Powered Projects

Team Ireland, BOINC combined projects top 100 Team Members

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To see more team Ireland members, click read more....


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Download BOINC

Download the latest version of the BOINC software

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